Mollys Reach
Playing in Edmonton on August 21

mollys reach is a power pop band from Edmonton, Alberta. Forming in the early 90’s, the group moved from a 5 piece to 4 band members after recording their second album Hi Fi and Stereo, with producer Barry Allen. The band toured Canada extensively during this time period, after signing with BMG Records. The band consists of Lyle Bell on guitar and vocals, Sean Rivalin on bass and vocals, Randy Diachuk on guitar and vocals, and Steve Derpack on drums. The band put out a third album, Vertigogo, independently in 1999, and took an extended hiatus shortly after. mollys reach reunited for a small series of shows in 2017 and released the single “Send in the Heavies”, and looks forward to playing live again soon.

Mollys Reach - Edmonton, AB